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Family Systems Constellations

The Family Systems approach is a powerful, profoundly moving yet gentle way of gaining greater understanding into ourselves and the issues that affect our lives.


Using Bert Hellinger’s insights and his method of creating a living ‘constellation’ of the system, we can see how hidden loyalties and identifications (entanglements) within the family may give rise to repeating patterns of suffering or loss which can sometimes affect family members through many generations.


The experience of pulling back from attainment and success in life, of 'not belonging' and self-sabotaging behaviours such as addictions may be ways that we unconsciously re-create the difficult fate of others in our family, thereby connecting us through suffering. When such unconscious identifications are brought into awareness and understood in a larger context, they may be transformed by this gentle work into a life-enhancing resource, so that we can feel connected to our family systems by love.

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