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Love and Consciousness- January 2019

Seeing a Bigger Picture & Finding Pathways of Peace.

Systemic Constellations as an approach to conflict resolution and psychological integration.

As we step into another New Year ... complete with all our old baggage, habits and unresolved conflicts from all the previous years, a brief moment of reflection on the subject of change may be useful... before we set about making all the same old mistakes in brand new ways.

Even though it is a bit of a simplistic idea, we do really like to imagine that changing the date on the calendar puts everything back to zero, and re-issues us with a 'clean slate' and some fresh chances in life...

And actually it kind of does, but I would suggest that 'fresh chances' are really available to us in every moment of every day - all we need to be able to access them is a shift in perspective.

Albert Einstein famously proposed that "A problem cannot be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it"... indicating that a change of perspective would likely be needed in order to find a good resolution.

It is frustrating when so many of our inner and outer difficulties simply refuse to budge, or else just get replicated in different situations on a regular basis.

How, then, is it possible to change the way we think, feel or act in relation to a particular problem?

Every problem has a powerful story attached to it, sometimes just changing or 're-framing' the story is enough to release the stuck-place.

However, sometimes the problem has its own healing resolution all wrapped up inside itself, it just needs to be listened to differently - or to be taken care of in a particular way. Sometimes a problem ceases to be a problem when we give it the right to exist.

Human groups form energetic systems, and every system has its own characteristic patterns. For love, and for any other type of life-energy (including money) to flow smoothly through a system, its internal patterns need to support this flow. Blocks to energetic flow - called 'entanglements, or 'stuck-processes' - get formed in differing ways, sometimes outside of our general awareness - for instance during times of trauma or loss. They then become the 'new norm', and they also begin replicating themselves as part of the overall systemic pattern. It is possible to become more aware of our own stuck-process patterns, as their consequences soon begin unfolding in our lives - and, if not untangled, may continue through successive generations.

The approach of Systemic Constellations - developed by Bert Hellinger - provides a dynamic way of identifying where stuck processes within human systems are causing conflict and suffering. Using this broader perspective it becomes possible to explore healing resolutions.

In the supportive group setting of a Constellation workshop, new perspectives may be experientially discovered and embodied - thus they become more readily integrated into a new inner psychological pattern ... and family story.

Change involves embodying a bigger perspective...

Change involves listening to the quiet voice of the heart, for its deepest longings are always orientated towards healing and connection (so long as it is not being obliged to surrender its essential authenticity.)

Sustainable Change involves narrating, and living, a more inclusive story - one that nurtures the needs of the individual, without causing damage to others - or to the system.

For me, the quotation of the last year was this one - ascribed to an Indigenous Elder:

"The thing to remember about the Left Wing and the Right that they are both attached to the same bird"

To find out when and where you can enrol on a Systemic Constellation workshop - see the events page on the website. Or for more information, contact me through the website.

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